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The Pogonophile from Ironbark by Robyn Sykes with apologies to Banjo Paterson and When Elvis Came Back From the Dead by John Peel.

Thanks to Camilla Duffy Photography for the video.


 Listen to Robyn on audio or read her poems

Old Bill’s Regret (Finalist, Poem of the Year, Australian Bush Laureate Awards, 2014)

Old Bill’s Regret – audio

Lovely Lies (Finalist, Single of the Year, ABLA, 2014)

Lovely Lies – audio

 A Feather in a Locket (Bryan Kelleher Literary Award 2013)

For Sale (Henry Lawson Literary and Memorial Society Award, 2013)

Dislocated labels, first published in Dublin-based online literary magazine Burning Bush 2. http://issuu.com/burningbush2/docs/bb2_issue_8_final/7?e=1